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LandingPic1Using color coding, with engraved text and number systems can solve many in-house flow problems.  Here at E.R. Perry Signs & Engraving, the home of, we learned the importance of this from a large production corporation a few years ago. In that facility, if the wrong basket goes in the wrong furnace and is heated to the wrong temperature then hundreds of thousands of dollars can be lost.  We worked with the engineer at that facility trying to solve this dilemma.  Our solution? Reusable, heat tolerant, custom color anodized aluminum plates engraved with identifying information. This creative alternative helps the corporation and its workers avoid costly mistakes.

This is typical of what we often do here at E. R. Perry Signs.  Someone calls or emails with a problem and is looking for ideas on how to resolve a vulnerable function within their plant.  We work with them to design tags, signs and labels that meet their unique needs.  Engraving is carving one letters at a time.  Therefore text change on each tag is no problem.  We have produced thousands of tags from Excel spreadsheets listing all the text variations.


Another company we work with wanted color coding in tags that can be easily moved. After consulting with the engineer we learned all their storage shelves are steel.  Solution – magnets.  The company now uses both magnet-backed engraved plastic tags and also vinyl covered magnetic sheeting cut to size, shown at right.


LandingPic3The smallest detail is HUGE. We work at making each little tag look professional because even the smallest element of your facility is a reflection upon you.  Does your facility have hand-scribbled tags and signs?  Don’t settle for substandard.  A professionally made identification tag can influence the mind set of your plant staff.  You want them to take themselves, their job and your company seriously.  The more clean, colorful and organized the facility is, the more smoothly your plant will run.


LandingPic4Companies come to us as they try to organize and streamline plants and facilities. We collaborated with a global paper and packaging product company that needed signs identifiable from afar but contained lots of text. The plate to the right is what we came up with. Color coding provides quick identification, engraved text allows for detailed information, rounded corners give personnel-friendly edges, and the holes are matched to existing studs.  Just to be sure, we added double stick tape for extra holding power.


At E.R. Perry Signs, we take the time to determine the right size, material, color and text specific to your project.  Industrial standards can guide us or we can take direction from you.  We often make suggestions of what could work for your situation.  Samples are often sent for engineering review.  Unburden your facility from trying to do it yourself – Let the professionals at E.R Perry Signs do it for you.

Quality matters, and that’s why E.R. Perry Signs is discerning about where we source our materials. Our plastics are manufactured in the USA from a company that pioneered the field – Rowmark.  For most of our engraving we use the long life modified acrylic that offers the thickest face layer and stands up outdoors for many years. For projects requiring non-static building and non-flammable plastic, we use Safe-T-Mark.  Anodized aluminum and polyethylene blanks are also available.

LandingPic5However, for our rocket launching customers, plastic tags are not good enough.  A company that designs, manufactures and launches spacecraft discovered that neither our plastic nor aluminum tags could hold up at their launch pads. Our solution for this extreme environment?  Milled letters in stainless steel tags.  No problem is too hot for us to solve!

E.R. Perry Signs has a significant inventory of material for many applications.  We stock interior-grade, exterior-grade, and non-static building engraving plastics in various colors, thicknesses and attachment methods, allowing us to produce most orders in 1-3 business days. ( However, some projects require materials that fall outside the range of our stocked materials, but E.R. Perry’s status with the material manufacturer allows us to bypass this limitation.

A subcontractor of NASA contacted us – they knew what material they needed but couldn’t find a shop that offered it.  No problem for E.R. Perry Signs! Rowmark, the makers of Safe-T-Mark, agreed to manufacture this custom material for us. We are happy to accommodate such requests. LandingPic6

We help customers with their unique needs every day.

Our customer list of over 6000 businesses around the US and Canada is broad with many corporate names you recognize. Here are a few more examples of jobs, both large and small, that our company has done:

  • Control panels with logos, windows and engraved text
  • Curved metric rulers
  • Chinese, Russian and Spanish engraved on control panels
  • Serial plates and QR codes
  • Velcro backed tagsLandingPic7
  • Cable tags with two slots
  • Hang tags with a hole or slot
  • Push button legends
  • Printed tags, decals, labels, banners and signs

Most of what we do at E.R. Perry Signs is custom order work.  Our favorite customers are engineers and plant managers who challenge us to meet their unique needs.  Give us a call or email us.  We are happy to help YOU.

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