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QR Code  with textEngraved QR codes can be used for commercial tracking, product marketing, or in-store product labeling.

Linking customers to your website? We can generate a QR code for you. Tracking a product through your facility? Use QR codes for fast access to large info storage.

Engraved on Ultra-Matte by Rowmark - Two-ply long life plastic, 1/16" thick, white face with black lettering and code.
Text engraved to right of code, justified center, Helvetica font, unless otherwise instructed.
QR code sized to fit based on the plate size you need.
Text: up to 3 limited lines
QR code generated by us: Yes, please generate
No, I will email you the code
QR Target Data:
Text to be engraved:
Plate Size - up to 15 sq. in.:
Attachment: Bare Back
Double Stick Tape

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