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Vinyl Lettering

Vinyl Lettering is the modern technique replacing hand painted letters and images. Vinyl material for lettering is available in a multitude of colors and qualities. With vinyl lettering factors such as durability, longevity and color soundness are totally dependent upon product quality. In our opinion, the difference in price between low end and top end is insufficient to justify not getting the best. We use 3 M cast vinyl exclusively because it has consistently been trouble free and long lived.

Cutting of adhesive backed vinyl in specified texts and images is accomplished using a computer driven plotter equipped with knife attachment. Through a sequence of steps the vinyl is formatted for transferal to most reasonably smooth clean surfaces. By using multiple layers and colors, text and images can be produced, outlined, shadowed, or manipulated in a broad spectrum of ways sufficient to meet most customer needs. Pre-“formatted” vinyl lettering, as we provide it for you, comes with all the lettering in position to be installed all at once. This is not a “one letter at a time” process.

Durability, chip and peel resistance of vinyl lettering when properly applied is very good but to a large extent dependant upon the quality of the materials used and the surface to which is applied. However, even the best quality of vinyl lettering is not indestructible. It will not survive abuse from sand blasting, ultra high pressure washing or mechanical abrasion such as a vehicle in a traffic accident. The advantage of vinyl lettering is that it is easily replaceable. All orders placed with us are archived and can be easily and exactly reproduced in their entirety or component parts, as individual letters. Conversely, with proper technique, vinyl lettering is reasonably easy to remove without harming the surface on which it has been applied. This is particularly relevant in the resale of vehicles from which vinyl lettering can be removed after years of use with little or no lasting impression.

Uses include the labeling of virtually any reasonably smooth surface. Typically it is surface applied to existing windows, doors, walls, vehicles, and trailers. Glass vinyl lettering is reverse cut and designed to be installed inside where it is better protected. Vinyl lettering can also be used to create new signage from a broad variety of materials such as plastic, metal, painted plywood or wooden blanks. We stock small to moderate sign blanks of various materials to create custom signage for you. For large signs or the resurfacing of existing signs it is much more cost effective to order formatted vinyl lettering from us for your own installation. Surface preparation is important and entirely dependant upon the material of your choice. We provide detailed surface preparation and vinyl installation instructions with each order or you can download them here [ link: Vinyl Lettering Installation ].

Standard vinyl lettering products offered at this time are those displayed in our cart including, window hours, various sign products, and simple truck lettering. For more unique needs contact us directly or use our custom quote page [ link: Plastic Tags Custom Quote ].